Wednesday, August 26, 2009


1-Go to pet society and wait at least 2 minutes.

2- Open the cheat engine and click process as Firefox (I recommend flash player 9).

3- Before Scanning (hex 8 bites also scan read only memory) F4458900000001B8 (if not passed at least 2 minutes you get no results).

4- right click on the result, disassemble this memory region, a few climbs above result mov eax, 00000000 there should be a jump if equal (je XXXXXXXX) right click on the jump and replace with code does nothing.

5-Go to the cash shop and try to buy something, will tell you that you have no credit.

6-Another scan (hex 8 bites also scan read only memory) 4F8BF02BC02A0FF2

7- Right click and disassemble memory region, goto address and note the address. (es: 01234567) (eg: 01234567)

8- Open the scientific calculator and subtracted the result 10b (eg: 01234567-10b)

9-Go to that address where you will find 1 je, you have to click right mouse button and replace whith code does nothing.C is another je later, leave it intact, and repeat this operation with the other 2 still jump ahead.

10- Go back to the result found with C82A0FF2C62A0FF2 and right click and change register at this location, check the box and given an ESI value not too high I will give you advice 00000AAA.


Restaurant City Cheats

This is a working hack that i am currently using.I did not made the hack but i will be showing you how to use it in the video.I am using Firefox.
You will need:
Cheat Engine 5.5(Google it if u dont have)
Flash player 9
RC hacking tool(

If you follow the video closely u will be able to make the hack work as it works for me.
If you have any questions related or problems u can leave me a message.
The hack does not belong to me so i will not be responsible if anything happens.
Have a Nice day!

Country Story - Free Dog Hack (level 8 Required)

Country Story - Dog Quest Hack

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5 or
2) Firefox

This Dog Quest Hack is able to skip the quest with 15 friends having 100 friendship points.

What's the dog use for in Country Story?
The good thing about the dog is that it may reduce the amount of crops you lose from people stealing it. Every time some body steals from you, or you steal from somebody else, and get caught by the dog a -50 coins will be lost.

1) Open your Country Story Dog Quest (Level 8)
2) Open Cheat Engine and search for 4E8B10438B104389 with Hex, 8 byte and asrom
3) Disassemble the memory address that you found
4) Right click 2 the first line ( mov [ebx+10] eax)
5) Select "change register at this location"
6) Tick EAX and write the letter f ( EAX (tick) f )
7) Press OK
8)Open the Country Story Dog Quest again and you are done